Why Spring is One of the Best Times to Install Pavers

Patio Pavers in Spring

Using pavers to create patios or driveways seems to become more popular every season.  The fact that they’re far stronger and more crack resistant than poured concrete makes pavers an easy choice for those of us who live in areas that regularly experience freezing and thawing.  However, not only do the materials used influence the final results, but the timing of the installation should also be carefully considered.  In this post, we’ll go over why spring is one of the best times to install pavers.

Getting The Most Out Of Your New Patio

One of the reasons why spring is considered one of the best times to install pavers is that an early-year installation gives you more time to enjoy your new patio before cold temperatures force you back inside.  If you wait until fall or the beginning of winter to install pavers, you won’t get much use out of them until the following spring.  Take full advantage of the good weather by having your patio pavers installed in the spring.

Avoid Installation On Frozen Ground

Another good reason to install pavers in the spring is that the ground has had time to thaw out.  Then you don’t have to be worried about it shifting while the pavers are being laid.  Frosts and subsequent thaws will cause the ground to subtly shift as moisture changes from solid to liquid and back.  These are not ideal conditions for paver installation.  Laying pavers in unstable ground can lead to uneven surfaces.

Ease Of Finding A Contractor

Sometimes waiting until summer to take care of landscaping projects can make it difficult to find a contractor who isn’t already completely booked up.  Most landscaping contractors will have a full schedule by the time summer rolls around.  If you’re thinking ahead, contacting contractors during the winter will help ensure that they still have free time in the spring to help you complete your project.  Make things easier on yourself by booking a contractor early enough to get the job done while the weather still permits.


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