How to Know if Your Landscaping is Getting Enough Water?

Watering Landscape

With the arrival of warmer weather, it’ll become necessary to water your plants again to ensure they make the most of the increasing sunlight and heat.  But finding the proper balance between keeping everything hydrated and overwatering can be a difficult proposition.  If you’re wondering how to know if your landscaping is getting enough water, we’ve put together this list of tips.

Understand Your Soil

Different types of soil react to water in different ways.  Dense clay soils tend to cause a lot of runoff that doesn’t reach plant roots.  Sandy soils are fast draining and often require much more water than denser types.  Peat soils are very good at retaining water, but can quickly become waterlogged.  Understanding the type of soil you’re working with should influence the type of watering regimen you’re implementing.

Prevent Evaporation

If you’re losing a lot of moisture due to evaporation, your landscaping might not be getting enough water.  This can be prevented by covering your soil with mulch.  A layer of mulch around the bases of trees, around established garden beds or surrounding new plantings can help retain moisture and ensure your landscaping is getting enough water.  Also, the timing of your watering can help reduce evaporation.  Watering early in the morning or later in the evening allows water to percolate into the soil while avoiding the midday sun which can lead to a significant amount of evaporation.

Work With The Weather

It may sound obvious, but it’s important to pay attention to the climatic conditions when deciding whether or not your landscaping needs more water.  If your area is receiving a lot of rain, you can let Mother Nature take care of your watering duties for you.  If it’s hot and sunny, you may need to heavily water a couple of times a day.  Working with your local weather conditions will help ensure your landscaping is getting enough water.

Hire A Landscaping Service

Most everyone enjoys spending time in a lush, green, natural environment.  But not everyone has the time or inclination to create such an environment.  If you fall into this category, it may be worth your while to hire a landscaping service.  Having a professional take care of the landscaping duties will provide you with more time to actually enjoy the results.


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